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Croatian laws related to building management

What does the law say? The basic legal framework for managing the buildings is determined primarily by the Law on Ownership and Other Property Rights, which laid the framework for the regulation of the basic rules of intergovernmental relations in the common property, or regulating the legal concept of ownership. The prime duty of the owner of common property components to participate in the management, determination of a trustee, and the establishment of a joint reserve.

It also has been prescribed minimum requirement is 1.53 kn/m2 per month, or 0.54% of the value of each separate part of the property owned by a year. At the time of the adoption of the Law on Ownership and Other Property Rights the standard value of the apartments was 3400.00 m2, which means 3400.00 / 12 months =283.33 kn x 0.54% = 1.53 kn/m2 per month. Based on the standard values published in the Official Gazette in April 2008, the minimum requirement of the building will be raised to 2.61 m2, which means 5808.00 / 12 months = 484.00kn x 0.54% = 2.61 kn/m2 per month. Legislation related to the management and maintenance, and generally real estate:

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