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Private management

Along with building management, we offer management for private spaces for which interest is increasing, which is primarily related to the management and maintenance of space in private ownership, such as an apartment, flat or house for the holidays.

How is in the area of the island Krk lot of properties that are used only for the holidays, we believe that their owners are of great benefit to have a reliable and responsible partner who is able to take over all the duties of their property.

Services that we would like to singled out:

Deposit key

Depository service key is focused to all owners of apartments, flats and houses who most of the year do not reside in the said estate, as well as for investors who buy the property. According to the experiences from practice because of a lot of situations when you need to unlock the property owners are not able to be present, the key can now be deposited to us, in contact with the owner and with his permission we will provide the ascent in property. This service is free for all users of private management,

Regular visits (control) of property

Same as depository service keys, this service applies to properties that are not inhabited most of the year. This service is an integral part of the private management as part of which is paid through the item "management." Of course, depending on the agreement with the customer service, takes a minimum of once a month, and includes control and view the property from possible damage, vandalism (burglary, theft ), parasite and weather. This service can not be used without contracting private management.

Control tnd estate at the request from a customer with a written report

Own service name explains what it actually does, it means, for any reason the user wants to view the property detail, he inform us, after examination we will draw up a written report and also in the short term to deliver to the client.

Organization and execution of works required on the clients request

Since we have our own operations, or contracted correspondents, we are able to organize and carry out the necessary work on your property, from small repairs, renovation and reconstruction to major construction work, with the constant supervision of works.

Supervision and control of works ordered by the client with another performer

This service applies to users who are not able to be present during the execution of certain works on or within their estate.

Payment of bills for a customer with a montly and annual reports

With the agreement of the client we forward bills to us, the bills after the arrival are checked and payed, users gets regularly report on the amounts paid bills and usable condition for prepaid advance to pay bills by means of the "Report on the bill".

Contracting property insurance

Because of the constant and very good cooperation with the insurance company, we are able to arrange for our clients property insurance at very favorable terms. Prerequisite for contracting insurance under special conditions is contracting private management. For the correct and detailed information, please refer to the manager.

Elimination of emergency breakdowns

Service repairability urgent nature also is related to the management contracting, where the trustee is obliged to arrange access or removal of such failures in order to prevent the spread of the damage and the possible threat to neighboring properties, and the possible threat to human health and life. This service can be used by all the other property owners, the cost of these services depends on the type, extent and danger of work being performed.

Maintain vegetation and grassland (Horticulture)

In cooperation with the company specialized in performing landscaping we are able to carry out all activities related to design and landscaping, and maintaining plants and lawns, from which we singled out:

  • - pruning vegetation
  • - planting new vegetation
  • - mowing lawns
  • - fertilization and weeding the lawn
  • - cultivating plants
  • - fertilization of vegetation
  • - lawn aeration
  • - control and maintenance of irrigation