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Cleaning service


We also offer professional cleaning services. With a cleaning service packages related to building management or private management, we offer individual services cleaning services.

Regular cleaning

To be able to perform regular cleaning it is necessary to make a general cleaning to bring the space to its original condition, after general cleaning we can start with regular cleaning of your apartment.

Regular cleaning includes:    

  • - remove cobwebs
  • - cleaning dust
  • - cleaning bathrooms
  • - absorbing
  • - washing floors (if needed)
  • - washing and wiper on the windows (if needed)
  • - washing the terrace (if needed)

Price of regular cleaning is defined by the contract, it depends on the frequency of performance, the amount of other services that the client uses, the distance from our headquarters property, period of performance and the estimated time it takes to perform the same

General cleaning

Regular cleaning includes:

  • - regular cleaning
  • - washing windows, terraces and all doors
  • - polishing internal and external joinery
  • - complete cleaning kitchen appliances
  • - dodge furniture (sofa, couch, lifting the mattress ...), vacuuming and cleaning mentioned
  • - general cleaning bathrooms with disinfection
  • - washing floors
  • - washing blinds and shutters
  • - washing tables and chairs on the terrace (if needed)

So it is a very detailed cleaning of each space, the same as with regular cleaning price depends on several factors, of which the most important the area and equipment in each room.

Tourist cleaning

Performs in apartments, flats and holiday homes meant for rent and includes:

  • - washing and cleaning the kitchen
  • - washing and cleaning kitchen appliances
  • - cleaning dust
  • - remove cobwebs
  • - general cleaning bathrooms with disinfection
  • - absorbing
  • - washing floors
  • - washing windows (if needed)
  • - changing of bed linen
  • - washing and ironing of linen (on request)
As well as in regular cleaning first what is needed is to make general cleaning, also the price depends on several factors, which also depends on the equipment of each room.

Winter cleaning

This is one of the services that is included in our offer at the initiative of our customers to offer the option of cleaning that would be conducted during off-season, which would be more acceptable than the price of regular cleaning.

Winter cleaning includes:

  • - ventilation space
  • - cleaning dust
  • - remove cobwebs
  • - washing and cleaning bathrooms
  • - absorbing
  • - washing floors (if needed)
  • - washing the windows (if needed)
  • - control of space heating

This service refers to the simple maintenance of cleanliness in a particular area, so as not to lead to neglect of space.
For pricing of these services use the same conditions as for a regular cleaning, but for such cleaning takes less time than the regular, so the price is also less then regular cleaning.

Cleaning improved environment estate

Cleaning improved environment estate is recommend one to two times a year, depending on the position of the real estate and more.


Washing paved work environment properties

Washing is performed with machines under high pressure water. Also the price is negotiated after the examination of space you need to follow.

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